Monday, April 27, 2015


Whenever there are children involved in a divorce, you are stuck with the other parent for the rest of your lives. Whether you like it or not, you will need to figure out how to cooperate and collaborate with this person for the sake of your children. It is generally a good idea to start out by making concrete parenting plans with as many details spelled out as possible. This not only helps the children know what to expect in the future, it also avoids potential conflicts from arising at times when the children are around. Keeping the conflict to a minimum, especially around children is an important goal in post-divorce parenting. Making these agreements in the early stages of divorce can be difficult. Utilizing professional help in these earlier stages may be necessary and worthwhile to move the process forward.

These parenting plans may need to be modified and altered as the children grow and change. It is often a good idea to incorporate a plan to review these agreements on a regular basis, depending on the ages and stages of development of your children’s lives. For example, younger children often need shorter times and more frequent transitions between their parents, while teens may want longer stretches of time with each parent and fewer transitions.

You can make it work so THE KIDS WILL BE ALL RIGHT!

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